Welcome to the world according to Suki…

Thanks for joining me!

     My human is a writer. She’s pretty great most of the time. She tells me the funniest stories and I like the way she scratches my chin, but she can be pretty gross, too. I mean, I never see her lick herself clean before she handles my food, and who knows where her paws have been.

     She also doesn’t always say ‘thank you’ when she should. I fluffed up two sweaters for her today and nothing. Nada. Zip. It wasn’t easy getting all those strands of yarn to stick out, but I did. You’re welcome.

     My human has five smaller humans living in our house, too. They come in assorted sizes and smells. I think their names are “Don’t Touch That”, “Don’t Eat That”, “Put That Back”, “What’s That Smell”, and “Go Ask Dad”. I usually try to avoid them, but sometimes they have food.

     I have a sister named Sasha and a little brother named Salem. He’s your typical little brother. He takes my food when I’m not looking and he tries to take my spot on the bed. When he gets too annoying I like to get even. I usually just take a bite of my human’s food and leave it by his dish. It drives her crazy and she ends up putting him in the garage for the night. Hee, hee.

My blog is at https://pollymorse.blog/    Go there and check it out. 

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the world according to Suki…

    1. OMG!!! I haven’t heard of the award, but I’m blushing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will most definitely answer some questions soon and post some noms of my own! I’m super excited. Picture me holding a stick toy and giving my acceptance speech. Now, how do I nominate others?

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  1. Mwahaha!! Hey there Suki! Great to meet you- there are little critters here too- I think their names are “no more jumping on the couch,” and “put that down!”

    But they also call them Lily and Jazlyn- and “babydoll,” and “puppy”- and they don’t look like any puppy I’ve ever seen. I think humans are so confusing!

    Let me know if you ever figure them out, ok?

    Twilight and Sushi

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